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Assafwah Private School Muscat, Oman is an upcoming BILINGUAL situated in the heart of Muscat. Assafwah Private School in Oman was started in the year 2000 with a strong objective in itself to provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment in which children, students and adults achieve their full potential knowledge through intellectual, cultural and sporting activities. In Pursuit of our Objective we aim to provide best quality of Education to our student, which enables them to move onto next phase of their educational life without any disadvantages. We are very proud of our heritage. We believe in traditional values & customs such as, courteous behavior and smart appearance. But we also seek new ways to prepare our students for a modern international world. We develop enthusiasm, tolerance, decency and a love of learning in our students. We promote the development of the whole individual within a dynamic, multicultural and responsible community.



About Us

The curriculum followed in our school is from Cambridge University, United Kingdom. The main objective of our curriculum is learning by inquiry and doing projects. Individuals with the pre-knowledge learn the best through project works when they are empowered and given responsibilities for their own learning process. This will improve the educational standard of child's learning. To teach the student's there should be a proper environment. Indeed Assafwah School has well equipped air-conditioned classrooms to enable children to learn in eco-friendly environment.


The Teacher Muscat from KG to Grade 12 of Assafwah Private School encourages students to act responsibly in their educational classes. This helps the students to build and develop their linguistic skills and qualities. It would also help them to refine their knowledge in the classrooms. It gives the students a sense of autonomy. Peer teachers encourage the students to view classrooms as an open environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to speak rather than a place where they passively listen to their teachers. Peer teaching enables the students to see teaching as a dynamic process rather than the one-way transmission of the information. Student counselors help to create school environments that support all students to participate in school life, access school-based resources and achieve to their highest level. Our Teachers analyze, interpret and directly intervene with the students. All the teachers of our school are highly qualified and profound in their knowledge. We take teachers from various parts we have teachers from Oman, Jordan, Egypt, India, Philippines and special teachers from European countries for teaching English.


Assafwah Private School in Muscat is from KG up to Grade 12 Secondary Education. The school provides the best education using children adaptive methodology using the teacher’s talent to make the children understand. Assafwah kindergarten is just like a second home for the children. At this small age they need a person who can teach them the manners, good habits apart from education to live there life in this world. The KG section is completely different from high school building. The little champs have a very good area to learn, play and enhance their abilities. The teachers give them a very good comfort and provide them with their best support.


Deeb Al Salty

"Assafwah Schools students deserve the best. We strive for excellence and to provide each student with a world-class education. I am passionate about my role as principal to foster a collaborative comm..."

Tanweer Ahmed Nazir

"At Assafwah Schools, we understand that children need not always be taught to do things the way adults think is correct; instead, they should be encouraged to learn in their own way, under the caring ..."

Hamed Al Ruhaili

"On behalf of the Assafwah Schools, I extend a very warm welcome to you. We started our journey in pursuit of excellence in Year 2000 and it has been a wonderful experience so far; one that will be che..."

Sabah Al Hindi

"The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) plays a key role in developing, monitoring and reporting of quality and continuous improvement In Assafwah Private Schools. Quality assurance is based on the princip..."

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