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On behalf of the School Management and Quality Assurance Office today we are pleased to thank and appreciate the staff of Sports and Science departments for their outstanding efforts and their contribution in making Safety Awareness Week a great success.
The Safety Awareness Week was Planned and Organized by Ms. Nazia Fatima Siddiqui from Quality Assurance Office.
The principal Mr. Deep Assalti handed over the Certificates of Appreciation to the teachers of Science and Sports department for their significant cooperation and support.
Quality Assurance Office
Nazia Fatima Siddiqui
Sports Department
1. Ahmed Mahmoud Ragab Badawy
2. Adnan Mohamed Abd El Gaber
3. Amany Ahmed Mohmed Abdalla
4. Fatma zaghloul Hamed
Science Department
1. Ms. Smitha Elizabeth Mathew
2. Ms.Smitha Bijumon
3. Ms. Dhanyamol Manoharan
4. Ms. Jaya Lakshmi.P
5. Ms. Shikha Gupta
6. Ms. Kirthiga Srinivasan
7. Ms. Viji Sreelal
8. Ms. Jeena Xavier
9. Ms. Janis Sunil
10. Ms. Rinu Sarath

Congratulations to all of you

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