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يوم اللغة العربية
  • ByRasha
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  • Posted at January 04 2018 05:57 am

World Day of Arabic language corresponding to December 18 under the supervision of a / Rasha David with honorable quality of the Department of Arabic Language / Rahmonh sack review.


Preparation of teachers of Arabic language section (a / Muhammad, a / Tamer, a / Ekrami, a / Salsabil, A / Himmat, a / Zainab, a / Rasha) where varied radio to display the word about the Arabic language and merged bases grammatical view of the letters kindness stereoscopic and display of types of lines ,, and paragraph less and less, and, a poem called my and other titled daad the language, and, in the framework of the theater curriculum was presented two plays entitled recipes education teacher ,, and another titled hair between past and present to offer ninth grade students (debate between poet Nizar Qabbani and Abu Tammam.)


It was radio entertainment paragraph format Arabic seal


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