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What is IGCSE?


It is an abbreviation of International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a qualification offered by the Cambridge University for 14 to 16 years age group. It is a two year curriculum program taught in grade 9 & 10. The Cambridge exams will be conducted in grade 10 only.


The aims of IGCSE are:

  • To deliver a modern curriculum.
  • To promote international understanding.
  • To encourage good teaching practice.
  • To provide rewarding experiences for students.
  • To set widely recognized standards.
  • IGCSE is recognized by Ministry of Education.

The grades for students are internationally approved and it is the basic qualification for pursuing higher education in western universities (UK, Australia, Canada & other countries) and as well as in Oman.

It is equivalent to the British GCSE.


School will conduct various examinations and mock exams at the end of grade to before the scheduled IGCSE exam. We are conducting practical exams for all science subjects as per the requirement. The students are expected to show improvement in successive exams. We will be sending only those who pass the test conducted by CIE, called checkpoint. If you wish your wards to continue ministry system you can simple do it. Our teachers are working hard to achieve better grades in the exams. We are conducting special classes during Thursdays and sometimes in evening hours as well. We do all necessary coaching in the school. We are providing all necessary books, worksheets and notes etc. Your cooperation in following your wards at home is required and highly appreciated.

In order to prepare students for IGCSE, we also offer Cambridge International Primary program (CIPP) for grade 1 to 6 and check point curriculum for grade 7 & 8. The school is also ready to register itself for AS and A levels from either Cambridge University or Edexcel UK.

These series of program from Cambridge University will improve our children’s overall performance in order to become better and good citizen of the Sultanate.


 Cambridge or A Level


International A Level is recognized worldwide as a requirement for entry into higher education. Study and examination at A Level give students in-depth knowledge and lifelong skills that prepare them for success in higher education and employment.

International AS Level is typically taken at the mid-point of an A Level program and is optional. Schools can offer AS Level as a qualification in its own right to increase breadth in the curriculum and allow students to complement other subjects they are studying.

International A Level and AS Level have widespread international recognition as educational qualifications.

This recognition is because:

  • International A and AS Level qualifications are recognized by universities as equivalent in value to UK A and AS Levels
  • Good grades at A and AS Level can result in one full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada
  • Good A and AS Level grades are vital for admission to all the world’s major English-speaking universities and many non-English-speaking universities
  • A and AS Level are rigorous programs that encourage high academic standards
  • A and AS Levels have a high profile amongst English-medium international schools around the world


Schools and students find A and AS Levels very flexible. Schools can offer almost any combination of the wide choice of subjects available. Students have the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them – either follow a broad course of study, or specialize in a particular area


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